Thermostats, Humidifiers and Air Quality Systems
  There's more to air quality than heating and cooling.  MG-SYSTEMS
professionals can evaluate options to help improve the health and comfort
of your home.  Call
MG-SYSTEMS to learn more about:
  Air cleaners
•   Thermostats
 •   Other air quality products

Air cleaners
  According to the American Lung Association, indoor air pollution poses a
threat to respiratory health and everyone should consider doing what they can
to improve the quality of indoor air.  Whole house air cleaners have been
shown to minimize the ill effects of indoor air pollutants, such as dust, pet
dander, pollen, and chemicals, as well as reduce airborne viruses and

    MG-SYSTEMS professionals are experienced in air quality evaluation and
they are prepared to help you assess your family's indoor air quality needs:
 • Select the model that's right for your home
 • Install and regulate your new air cleaner for maximum efficiency

    MG-SYSTEMS professionals understand how the right humidity level in your
home can increase comfort and decrease heating and cooling bills. They are
specially trained to:
 Evaluate humidity conditions
 Recommend the right humidity systems for your home
 Install and maintain your humidifier or dehumidifier  

    The efficiency of your heating and cooling system is affected by the
THERMOSTAT controlling them.
MG-SYSTEMS professionals can improve
efficiencies with programmable thermostats that provide great returns on a
small investment.

Other air quality products
MG-SYSTEMS professionals are the indoor air quality specialists.
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Zoned cooling and heating
    • Carbon monoxide monitor.

†American Lung Association. " the Truth About Indoor and Outdoor Air
Pollution." (Retrieved 1/24/05.)